The Surviving Spouse Club 

Written by Charles Foster

Helpful Encouragement for Widows and Widowers

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  You did not ask to be a widow or widower. Now what?  The Surviving Spouse Club provides hope and 
encouragement to widows and widowers who are looking for help to survive their grief and discover what the future may hold.  Widowhood is a difficult season of life which is never desired, many times unexpected and is never easy to navigate.   As the one left behind in your marriage, you find yourself making decisions all alone.  Things once shared are now left up to you.  Your life just changed in the blink of an eye and last words said to each other bounce off every part of your thoughts, many times creating doubts and regrets.  I am here to tell you there is hope and a bright future for you, but first you must survive the required and necessary grieving process.  Not grieving or putting it off actually makes things worse in the long run.  We grieve for a necessary and important reason and this information will help you navigate that process and answer many of your questions.   
Charles Foster wrote the Surviving Spouse Club after he lost his wife of 25 years to cancer.  In his journey through loss, he discovered the fear, stress, loneliness emptiness and much more, but he also describes how he survived those difficulties to experience a life of meaning and purpose.
The word "Club" in the title describes membership 
into a club no one would ask to join.  Sadly, thousands are forced into  membership each year due  to no fault of their own and no matter your age, it happens way to early in life. That is why this book exists today.  It will help you survive your loss and navigate one of life's biggest stresses and the accompanying hardships, and wanting to believe your spouse would want you to continue a meaning life, but not knowing how.
Loss is not the end, even though many times it may feel that way.   As a survivor, Charles has a passion to help others navigate through the grieving process and the day to day hardships widows and widowers face. 
You may know someone you could help with this information to provide some answers and that knowledge will begin the comforting process.  There is no timetable on the grief process, but these tools will help, knowing what to do and knowing others have traveled that road before.   
Welcome to help and community on your journey!     
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Thank you for allowing us to help you.